Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

  • Sod: Everything About Those Big Rolls Of Grass

    You know the beauty of a lush, gorgeous lawn. You probably even know that sod is the quickest way to get a usable and green lawn right away. However, did you know how sod is made and harvested, or the best time to lay sod? Find out everything you ever wondered about concerning sod. Sod Cultivation To create those big rolls of grass, sod farmers choose a specific grass species or blend of grasses that's known to be durable and dense.

  • Taking Down A Tall Tree: Equipment You Will Need

    Taking a tall tree down in your own yard without professional help is risky business. If you do not know what you are doing, you could cause a ton of damage to your own home, to a neighbor's property and home, or to your garage and other outdoor structures. Be certain you know what you are doing. Then get the following equipment to accomplish these specific steps. Rope, and Lots of It

  • 3 Reasons Your Grass Is Dying

    Every homeowner would like to have a beautiful yard, but for some it may seem like it takes too much time and effort to really get the results that you want. This is why it is important to make sure that you are avoiding making some common mistakes when it comes to caring for your yard. Here are some of the reasons why your yard is dying. 1. You Aren't Watering It Right

  • What To Look For In A Sprinkler Head

    There's a lot that goes into putting together a lawn sprinkler system, including choosing the right sprinkler heads. Making the wrong choice can turn your lawn from a lush, green work of art into a browned-out, patchy disaster. Knowing exactly what to look for can help make your sprinkler head search a much easier one. Rotary Head or Spray Head? Which type of sprinkler head should you get? As it turns out, that depends on a variety of factors, including lawn size, layout and pressure requirements, just to name a few.

  • 4 Reasons To Invest In Landscaping Services

    If you're looking for ways to make improvements to your home, you may consider investing in landscaping services. Most people don't want to take the time or energy to handle their own lawn care needs. This is why it's beneficial to have a professional company do the work for you. Keep reading to understand the reasons as to why you should hire for this service. Improve Your Lawn and Home

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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

When I was young, I loved helping my mother in the garden. Our yard was filled with plants and flowers that she kept in immaculate condition. Once I was an adult and bought my first home, I learned that there was much more to landscaping a yard than I ever imagined! After a little trial and error planting a few flowers in my yard that died quickly, I realized the technology that is available to aspiring gardeners makes trial and error a thing of the past. After I found out what my "hardiness zone" was, I realized I was planting flowers made for much cooler climates, and I played around with software that let me design my yard very easily! I learned a lot throughout the experience, so I thought I would share my tips with everyone who needs them. Come back often to check out my new tips!