Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

3 Benefits Of A Pergola For Your Outdoor Living Space

Jose Wheeler

Relaxing with the immediate family, cooking out, and entertaining without the worry of lacking interior space are all benefits of having an outdoor living space. Of course, designing an outdoor living space that works for your family's needs, your home's exterior, and your landscaping can be overwhelming. If you are in the process of creating an outdoor space, consider installing a pergola instead of a deck or patio. This guide will help you understand the benefits of a pergola.

Protection from Outdoor Elements

A pergola is a great option if you want to spend your time outdoors without the worry of surprise weather conditions and other environmental factors. Pergolas can be designed to provide some protection against the outdoor elements using a weather-resistant fabric or even plants.

Fabric or vines and other plants intertwined over the top of the pergola can provide you with some protection if it starts to rain. This cover can also create shade over your outdoor living space, which can be even more important when it is sunny and hot.

Considering the sun can quickly heat up a deck or patio, making it uncomfortable, having a bit of shade will make the space more enjoyable. The shade will also help you reduce your own exposure to the sun's dangerous UV rays, which reduces your risk of skin cancer.

Increased Function with Cooling/Lighting

The addition of a pergola will also provide you with a space to add cooling and lighting fixtures. These fixtures will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space when temperatures are high or it's dark outside.

During the design process of your pergola, be sure it is wired for electricity. Then, choose a combination ceiling fan and light fixture that can be installed in the center of your pergola's ceiling. The ceiling fan will cool your outdoor space while the light fixture provides you with necessary illumination.

Enhanced Landscape Design

A pergola not only improves your outdoor living area, but it can also enhance your landscape design.

Choose from a pergola made out of vinyl material that complements your home's exterior or wood stained in a color of your choice if you prefer a more natural look.

You can plant vines or crawling plants that will eventually grow and climb up and across the pergola, adding even more appeal to your landscape. Hanging ferns or baskets of greenery or flowers from the pergola roof is also a great option.

For more information and ideas for outdoor living space design, contact a landscaper near you.


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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