Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Preparation For Dealing With A Long-Neglected Lawn

Jose Wheeler

When home buyers evaluate fixer-uppers, they tend to concentrate on what needs to be done to the house itself, but the yards are just as important. Whether the house has large back and side yards or just a few square feet, that remodeled house isn't going to look quite as good if the yards are still in terrible shape. But dealing with a long-neglected lawn includes dealing with some potential disasters. Unless a homeowner knows exactly what to do, fixing a neglected lawn needs professional help.

Bugs, Snakes, and Health

Depending on where you live, you could have to deal with everything from ticks and mice to nesting rattlesnakes in an overgrown lawn. Remember that animals and bugs take it as a given that they have to hide, so simply looking over the lawn before stepping into it isn't going to tell you much about what's really in there. Before you go near the grass, tuck your pant legs into your socks, wear light-colored clothing, wear thick boots that cover your ankles, and spray everything with an insect repellent that also repels ticks. And then call a lawn care service.

Weeds and Invasives

One of the problems with overgrown grass is that it successfully hides weeds. And when you rip out the weeds or mow them down, you can accidentally spread more weed seeds. Invasive plants are also a problem, and these are not necessarily weeds; for example, the previous owners could have planted mint, which is normally not considered a weed but is astoundingly invasive once it gets in the ground. If you have no idea how to prepare the soil for a new lawn without creating a weedy environment, you have to contact a lawn care service.

Poor Soil Health

Once the old grass is out, new grass needs to go in, but if the soil is poor, the new grass seed won't do too well. You can circumvent this by having sections of sod brought in, but you still need to coddle the sod and soil a bit to get them to work together.

Drought Status and Changing Climates

Your new grass may have to be from a different variety than the old grass. The weather is getting weirder, and many areas now see extended droughts when they didn't before. Other areas see more cold or heat. Look for a cultivar that fits current and projected climate expectations.

Once the new lawn is in, you have to maintain it lest it ends up like the old lawn. A skilled lawn maintenance company knows exactly how to keep that new green expanse in good shape. To learn more, contact a landscaping company like A Greener Season Landscaping 


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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