Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

The Newest Way To Find Cheap Lawn Care Help And What Limitations Exist: A Comparison Of Teen Vs. Pro Help

Jose Wheeler

Teenagers are always looking for ways to make some money. The more industrious ones will do lawn care over retail and restaurant work any day. They have the ability to earn more money doing lawn care than they do in any minimum wage job. Hence, you are almost always able to find some affordable help for some outdoor lawn and garden tasks.

However, how you find this help now is very different than it once was even twenty years ago, and compared to professional lawn care companies, teenagers do have limitations. Here is where you can find your teenage labor force now, and what you may still have to hire a landscaping company to do. A comparison between the limitations of teen help and professional help is provided.

Social Media, Teenage Yard Care, and Professional Landscapers

Teenagers are tech-savvy, more than any other generation that came before them. That means that they are far more likely to advertise their willingness to work for you on social media. A lot of teens will post their willingness to mow lawns, trim hedges, weed, rake, clear snow, dig up tree stumps, etc. What they charge is probably a little more than what you might expect to pay a teenager, but it is still less than what you would pay a professional landscaper.

If you would still prefer a professional landscaper for all of the yard jobs a teenager cannot do (e.g., cut down trees and tree limbs, plant trees/shrubs/bushes and flowers, put in a garden, etc.), then guess what? You can find the professional landscapers on social media, too. The professional landscapers all have their own social media pages, which also helps you see the kinds of work the landscapers do, as well as the beautiful results you receive from their talented landscape design teams. 

Resort to the Pros for Lawn Treatments and Pest Control

Teens cannot help you scatter fertilizer or treat the yard for ants. The chemicals are too dangerous. They also cannot professionally trim trees or cut down and remove trees entirely. If you have tree root problems or stumps that need removal, only the professional landscapers can help with these tasks because only adults age 18 and up can operate the many dangerous pieces of equipment meant for these major landscaping tasks. For these jobs, always consult and hire pros. If you still want to support the entrepreneurial spirit of youngsters, hire them to mow the lawn, weed by hand, rake, and shovel snow. 

For more information, reach out to professional lawn care services in your area.


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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