Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

  • Landscaping A Large Rural Property? 5 Tips For Success

    Designing a landscape for a large rural property can be just as challenging as crafting one for a very small property — just with a different set of obstacles to overcome and goals to reach. To help you design a great landscape no matter how large your acreage, here are five tips for success.  1. Define Zones Multiacre properties can seem unmanageable if you look at them as one large chunk of land to cover.

  • Want To Add To Your Living Space? Add A Deck To Your Home

    If you want to add to your living space adding a deck to your home is a great way to do this. A deck not only gives you extra space, but you can enjoy time sitting outside with your family. Below is information about choosing a deck so you can hire a deck builder to do this for you. Deck Materials There are many materials that can be used to build a deck.

  • Choosing Landscaping Rock Designs For Your Outdoor Space

    Landscaping rock is used to provide the necessary durability and beauty to your gardens and outdoor spaces. Landscaping rocks can be used as functional or abstract decor pieces that are helpful for the protection of different parts of your property. The following landscaping rock ideas will help you choose the right materials for your outdoor spaces. Patio or Walkway Rocks Patio and walkway rocks should be fun and interesting. They add to the overall landscape and can be used to help define a space.

  • Ways Organic Lawn Care Benefits The Soil

    Organic lawn care isn't just better for the kids and pets who may run and roll around on your lawn. Using more natural, less chemical-based practices for lawn care can also be better for the Earth in general, but for the earth in your yard in particular. Here are some of the top ways that organic lawn care can help you care for the soil in your yard. 1. Fewer chemicals 

  • Retaining Wall Contractor: 3 Reasons To Include A Retaining Wall In Your Landscape Design

    A retaining wall is a critical landscape feature, particularly for those with some sharp gradient changes on their landscape. The wall doesn't just offer essential structural support, but it also acts as one of your backyard's focal points. So if you need to transform your landscape and are perhaps looking for the best way to do it, installing a retaining wall can be a great idea. A properly installed retaining wall isn't only functional but also striking.

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    Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

    When I was young, I loved helping my mother in the garden. Our yard was filled with plants and flowers that she kept in immaculate condition. Once I was an adult and bought my first home, I learned that there was much more to landscaping a yard than I ever imagined! After a little trial and error planting a few flowers in my yard that died quickly, I realized the technology that is available to aspiring gardeners makes trial and error a thing of the past. After I found out what my "hardiness zone" was, I realized I was planting flowers made for much cooler climates, and I played around with software that let me design my yard very easily! I learned a lot throughout the experience, so I thought I would share my tips with everyone who needs them. Come back often to check out my new tips!