Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

A Landscape Contractor Can Transform Your Plain Commercial Property With Plants And Trees

Jose Wheeler

If you want the entry to your commercial building and your grounds to look attractive, hire a landscape contractor to help you plan what to plant and where to plant trees, flowers, and plants so your property has a welcoming feel. You might use the same landscape service that maintains your grass if they offer landscape design and installation, or you may need to hire a separate contractor. Here are some ideas for making your commercial property more appealing. 

Focus On The Entry And Approach

While you don't want the entry to be cluttered, you can liven its appearance by having beds installed for plants and flowers. Flowers that change with the seasons are a good idea if the landscaping company will care for them. If you want something that doesn't need much care at all and that can stay in place all year, then some sort of plants or small shrubs might work close to the entry to provide greenery and visual appeal. You might even line plants along the approach walkway with the same or different plants. The landscape contractor can help you choose the best plants for your project depending on your goals.

Plant Flowering Trees

Flowering trees make your property look beautiful even if the flowers don't last for very long. The landscape contractor can choose native trees that are hardy and easy to grow that fit within the space available. You might line a sidewalk or driveway with trees and have them maintained regularly so the branches don't bother people or cars. You may even want to plant trees in your parking lot if you have a large one so the expanse of hot asphalt can be broken up with shade.

Apply Mulch

Mulch is good for flowers and plants, and it can also give your property a boost in appeal. Mulch can add color and texture. It breaks up large stretches of green grass. Mulch also makes it easier to control weeds and trim around plant beds and trees. The landscape contractor can choose the right kind of mulch for your property and apply it. They may also need to top the mulch off occasionally if they install wood chips that slowly decay.

Put In Walkways

The contractor can also design walkways for your property that connect buildings or that lead to a break area. Walkways can be made from flagstone, brick, or pavers so they're more attractive than plain concrete. You may even want the contractor to build an outdoor seating area surrounded by pretty plants and flowers. Just let the contractor know what you want on your property and they can design the walkways, plant areas, and trees. Once you approve the design, work can begin to transform your property.

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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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