Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

4 Steps For Hedge Removal

Jose Wheeler

An old hedge can detract from your yard, especially if it has dead spots, sparse growth, or entire shrubs on the decline. Fortunately, removal of a hedge is very similar to any type of tree removal, you just need to have more plants removed. The following are the basic steps that a removal service will follow when taking out your old hedge. 

Step 1: Site Prep

Hedges may require a bit more planning before removal because the roots of several shrubs cover quite a bit of area. This increases the likelihood of an underground line in the area being damaged or other damage occurring in the landscaping, so your removal service will take some time to have utilities marked and to create a plan for removing the hedge without causing any collateral damage. 

Step 2: Top Growth Removal

Most hedges are much shorter than the average tree, likely topping out between 6 and 9 feet. Although, some hedges, such as poplar hedges, can grow 25 feet or more and rival any single tree for height. For shorter hedges, your tech will simply cut them down near the ground. Taller hedges will be taken down more like individual trees, with the limbs first being removed and then the trunk being brought down in sections in order to avoid damages to anything nearby.

Step 3: Stump Removal

A hedge will leave behind multiple stumps after removal. Grinding out a stump is the most common method of removal, but grinding can be challenging when there are rows of stumps or a row of stump near a hard surface like a paved driveway. If grinding isn't possible due to these challenges, then your service may need to dig them out or pull them out. If there is no danger of nearby damages and you plan to totally re-landscape the area, the service may opt to use heavy equipment to quickly dig out the stumps.

Step 4: Mulching and Cleanup

The final part of the hedge removal process is cleaning up. The service will likely use wood chips and sawdust from the removal of the hedges to fill the stump holes, but you will need to add some fresh soil. All branches and debris from removal will be cleared and hauled away as part of the service. If the service mulches the old hedges, you can request to keep some mulch for your landscaping needs if desired. 

Contact a tree removal service from a company like Morlock Landscape & Design if you would like more information on having an old hedge taken out. 


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