Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Surveying Your Trees' Needs In The Spring

Jose Wheeler

Every spring, it is a good idea to talk a walk around your property and look over each of your trees. This way you can assess the tree's needs, and if needed, seek the appropriate tree care services early in the season. Provide the right care early on, and your trees have the whole rest of the spring and summer to grow back strong. So, what problems should you be looking out for during this tree survey? Here are some key ones to make note of. 

Spotted Leaves

When the trees start getting their leaves again in the spring, pay attention to whether those leaves develop spots. Most spotted leaves are a sign of a minor fungal disease, such as anthracnose or bacterial leaf spot. These infections are treatable with fungicides or antibacterial sprays, which a tree care service can apply. If you have the tree sprayed early, you can generally prevent the infection from spreading to other branches. 

Broken Branches

Winter can be hard on trees. The snow, ice, and high winds can lead to broken branches. If you see any branches that have cracks or that are hanging partway off the tree, you want to have a tree care company come to remove them sooner rather than later. The next tree could blow the branch off and into your windows. Plus, cracked and damaged branches tend to attract bugs and infectious pathogens. Most cracks will not heal, so removing the branch is your best option.


Seeing a couple of insects here and there is not usually a cause for alarm. But if you notice that bugs are swarming a certain tree or a certain branch, that is something to address. Some insects will eat so much leaf material that they cause a tree to die back. Others spread fungal diseases to trees. In any case, you probably don't want insects swarming in your yard all season. Contact a tree care company and have them come spray the tree with insecticides. They can also look the tree over for signs that the insects have done more serious damage. They may recommend fertilizer or deep watering to help bring the tree back to good health.

If you take a walk around your yard and look your trees over every spring, then you can arrange for any necessary services in a timely manner. Contact a local tree service to learn more. 


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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