Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

3-Point Inspection Checklist To Identify Trees That Require Pruning

Jose Wheeler

Many homeowners love planting trees in their yards. One of the benefits of this is that it improves the home's curb appeal. Additionally, these trees provide shade during the summer and reduce soil erosion. Thus, one must regularly maintain their trees to keep them healthy. One way of caring for your trees is by hiring a residential tree trimming company to prune your trees. However, you must know the signs that your trees need pruning to avoid hiring a professional at the last minute. Here are three ways to know your trees require pruning.

Inspect The Trees for Broken Branches

You should hire a residential tree trimming company if your trees have several broken branches. This is a common sign that your trees need pruning, which shouldn't be neglected because these branches may be hazardous. For instance, one of the branches may break and fall on passersby, injuring them. However, you can avoid such issues by hiring these residential experts. These professionals will trim all the broken branches. They may also inspect other trees to identify and prune weak branches that may break in the future. Call a professional to prune your trees once you notice any splintering branches to ensure your trees are in the proper condition.

Identify Hazardous Trees Within Your Yard

Many people plant trees in their yards for aesthetic purposes. This is because some trees grow in a unique shape, thus boosting your home's appearance. However, some trees grow in the wrong shape, causing destruction. For instance, a tree may have broad branches that grow towards your windows; they pose the risk of breaking your window panes. You may be compelled to implement DIY solutions, but you may not prune the trees correctly to avoid them growing towards your home. The best way to solve such a problem is to hire a residential tree trimming company. The professionals are experienced and have the right safety equipment and tools to prune the overgrown trees. 

Watch Out for Dead Branches and Sick Trees

You should prune your trees immediately after you notice dead branches. One of the reasons your trees have dead branches is that your tree is unhealthy, and the disease is spreading to other parts of the tree. Another explanation is that the dead branches contain various pests, which could spread to the healthy branches. Thus, you should hire a residential tree trimming company to eradicate all the dead branches. These professionals will also assess the tree's other parts to ensure its health. Prune your trees immediately after you notice the dead branches to avoid cutting them if the disease spreads.

For more information on a residential tree trimming service, contact a company near you.


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