Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

4 Lawn Care Mistakes You Must Avoid

Jose Wheeler

Even though it's not easy to cultivate a perfect lawn, you want to give your yard the best chance of success. Unfortunately, your lawn may have bare patches, look worn out, or have less color than you desire. That said, you can make amends by avoiding a few mistakes that could be causing lawn failure. So, if you want the greenest, healthiest lawn in your area, here's what you shouldn't do. 

Avoid Cutting Your Grass Too Short

You may think cutting your grass as short as possible will save you time and effort in maintaining your lawn. You are also likely to make the mistake of thinking that it will increase the number of days between mowing windows. However, leaving your grass with short blades hinders photosynthesis. In turn, this inhibits successful development and weakens the roots. Weak grass is also vulnerable to invasive weeds, pests, and diseases. If unsure how short you should go while mowing your lawn, it's best to leave the job to a qualified landscaper. 

Avoid Excessive Watering 

Seeing that your lawn needs sunlight and water to stay healthy, it's only natural to assume that you should water your plants daily. However, moderation is key when watering your lawn. This is because too much water will leave you with brown, unhealthy grass. This is due to oxygen displacement and reduced fertilizer effectiveness, among other factors. In addition, too much water can stress your lawn and leave your plants vulnerable to diseases. If you are unsure about the irrigation your soil and plants need, contact a local landscaper. The expert will check your soil conditions and grass species for a custom watering schedule. 

Failing to Remove Fallen Leaves 

Given that some leaves can look appealing lying in your yard, you may feel tempted to leave them there for extended periods. That said, leaving a thick layer of leaves sitting on your grass can kill it or cause fungal diseases. On the other hand, removing a layer of fallen leaves allows sunlight and oxygen circulation. In addition, you will allow moisture to escape from your lawn and prevent damaging mold growth. 

Applying High Amounts of Fertilizer 

The truth is, fertilizing is essential to the health of your grass, fruit trees, and flowers. That said, if used excessively, it can cause plant failure by dehydrating roots. This happens because fertilizers have high amounts of salt that soak up water, killing your plants. With this in mind, you need to hire a landscaper to get a specific recommendation for fertilizing depending on your grass, trees, and part of the country. 

As you can see, lawn care is not as straightforward as it may appear. The truth is it can be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of knowledge for beautiful results. As such, hiring lawn care services for a beautiful, healthy yard is a great option.


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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