Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Repairing The Problems That May Impact Your Sprinkler System

Jose Wheeler

The sprinkler system that you have installed for your landscaping can be an extremely important system. Unfortunately, a landscaping sprinkler system is likely to require a range of repairs over the course of its life span, and this will be an issue that a property owner will want to be prepared to manage or address. 

Faulty Landscaping Sprinklers Can Result In Damage

When the sprinklers on your property start to malfunction, it can contribute to major problems and damage to the landscaping. For example, sprinkler problems could lead to sections of the property flooding due to leaks or other issues allowing large amounts of water to spill out of the system. Eventually, this may cause erosion problems, and it could also damage the roots of the plants that are growing in the area. These damages, coupled with the expensive water bills that these problems could create, will make delays in addressing these problems into extremely expensive mistakes for a business.

Failed Sprinkler Heads Can Be The Result Of Numerous Potential Problems

Problems with the sprinkler heads can be another common issue for these systems to experience. In particular, it may be possible for the sprinkler heads to fail to fully extend out of the ground or they may not retract sufficiently. Often, these problems can be attributed to obstructions that may be blocking the sprinkler head. However, it can also be possible for this to occur due to an alignment issue or mechanical damage that may be preventing the components in the sprinkler heads from fitting together properly.

Roots Can Be A Common Source Of Obstructions And Other Damages

Individuals can assume that the pipes for their sprinkler system will be safe from damage due to them being buried under the ground. While this will protect these water lines from some common sources of damage, it can expose them to the potential issues that roots will be able to cause. An example of this could be roots growing into the water lines. These roots can force their way into the water line, which can lead to a large obstruction being created. If you notice that one or more of your system's sprinkler heads have unexpectedly low water pressure, this could be an indication that there is an obstruction that is reducing the supply of water to these particular sprinkler heads. Repairing this damage may require digging up the damaged section of the line, but it may be possible to use video inspection systems to help limit the size of the area that will have to be excavated.

Contact a local sprinkler repair service to learn more. 


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