Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Could A Citrus Tree Be The Right Addition To Your Landscape?

Jose Wheeler

The idea of landscape citrus trees can leave some folks feeling a bit perplexed. However, it's important to not limit your landscaping endeavors. Landscaping citrus trees can be surprising additions to any location, so let's look at why they can be so exciting.

Small Size

Many folks picture trees as inherently big. Landscaping trees tend to be smaller and more ornamental, and fruit trees fall into this category. They are generally easier to maintain, and you won't have to worry about most varieties getting 50 feet or taller.

Landscaping citrus trees are also more manageable than other alternatives in their height range. For example, you might not be wild about the prospect of installing bushes or hedges because they take a lot of work in any given year to trim.


Adding color to a landscape is always an excellent choice. If you have a landscape that's mostly green, for example, the color of citrus can bring some life to the surroundings. Even if you already have some color with flowers, it can be hard to get color in the higher locations of a landscape. A tree will add visual excitement at a different level, making the landscape more diverse and interesting.


Landscape citrus trees will bear fruit. This is great if you just want to wander into the yard and pick fresh produce right off the tree. It is also a good choice if you have some things you'd like to bake. Mixing in fruit is also a healthy addition to your diet. Especially if you have kids, landscaping fruit trees is a great way to teach them about plants, food, agriculture, and stewardship without having to run an entire farm.

Attract Birds

Many types of citrus attract birds. Oranges, for example, are popular among folks who want to attract orioles. Why spend the money buying oranges year after year when you could install some trees? More importantly, you'll have more fruit than the birds can consume, ensuring you're not shortchanging any of your visitors.

Year-Round Fun

The range of available landscaping citrus trees will leave you with lots of options throughout the calendar. Whatever month you'd like to see trees bearing fruit, you can find one that'll match your target. Suppose you have a landscape that lacks anything fun for early fall. Add some pear trees, and you'll suddenly have a fun addition to the landscape for the later part of the growing season.


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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