Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

4 Challenges To Successful Sod Installation

Jose Wheeler

If you plan to install sod for a quick lawn, then it's important to do so correctly. The following are a few challenges to be aware of when it comes to sod installation.  

1. Slopes

Slopes can introduce a challenge with new sod — erosion. A single rainstorm can send unrooted sod slumping down the slope. If you have slopes in the yard, then it's worth the extra effort to stake down the sod on the upslope edge so that erosion and runoff won't damage it before the grass roots. You can use simply garden staples to affix the sod to the ground. These can be removed in a week or two after the sod roots and anchors the soil against erosion.

2. Slow Drainage

An area that is prone to standing water and slow drainage isn't very conductive to healthy sod rooting and growth. Often, the grass will begin to rot long before it roots sufficiently. Amending the soil with sand and compost can improve drainage somewhat. If the problem is severe, you may need to install perforated drain pipes in the location and route them away from the lawn. You can then sod over the buried pipes without as much worry about the poor drainage.

3. Poor Soil

Poor soil won't have the nutrients available to encourage rooting and healthy new growth on your sod. Ideally, the soil in the lawn should be tested before the sod is even delivered. Then, you can till in fertilizer and other needed soil amendments ahead of installation so that the soil is in prime condition for the initial healthy growth of the new sod. A professional soil test will let you know the quantities of the most important nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as information on lesser nutrients and the acidity of the soil.

4. Shady Spots

Not all sod thrives in shade. If you have areas of the lawn that are heavily shaded by trees or the house, you may need to get a cool-season sod for those locations. Warm-season grasses root poorly and grow weakly, which means the lawn will remain sparse in the shade. Another option is to skip the sod in the shadiest areas and instead mulch the soil or install garden beds. You can then just lay the sod in the sunniest areas of the lawn.

Contact a sod company in your area for more helpful tips about sod installation.


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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