Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Landscaping Myths That Can Impair Your Planning And Design Efforts

Jose Wheeler

The landscaping of your property can play a big role in determining the overall attractiveness of the property as well as potentially limiting the effects of erosion or the risk of flooding.

Myth: Landscaping Is Only The Plants Growing On Your Property

There is often the assumption from homeowners that landscaping will only refer to the plants that are actually growing on the grounds. While this will be among the most noticeable parts of the property, it is important to note that the landscaping will also refer to the various amenities and accessories that you have installed. For example, this could refer to any paths, edging, or irrigation systems. As a result of these factors, a modern landscaping design can be surprisingly complex, and it may require a professional contractor to create an effective and efficient design for your property.

Myth: It Is Not Worth The Effort To Reduce Water Usage

Keeping your landscaping healthy and growing will require fairly large amounts of water. Unfortunately, this can be extremely expensive as well as adding to the strain on the local water source. These factors can make it beneficial to invest in upgrades that can reduce the overall amount of water that is needed to irrigate the property. This may start with the types of plants that you place as some will require far more water than others. Additionally, the type of irrigation system that you have installed will also play a role in the amount of moisture that you are needing to use for your plants. One of the most efficient options will be a drip irrigation system as these systems are able to slowly release water on the ground near the plants so that evaporation and general waste can be minimized.

Myth: Plants Will Always Address Potential Erosion Issues

Having healthy plants growing on your property can help to reduce the amount of erosion that the property suffers from heavy rain. However, you may still need to make other upgrades to better control the erosion that is occurring. For example, some properties may need to use erosion netting, edging, or even retaining walls if you are to fully mitigate the risks that erosion can pose to your property. Often, determining the best strategy for your property will require a soil assessment to be completed that will allow for the drainage, soil stability, and other erosion factors to be evaluated so an effective plan can be created.

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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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