Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

3 Ways You Can Attract Songbirds To Your Yard

Jose Wheeler

If you're like many modern homeowners, you enjoy listening to the sound of songbirds and wish that there were more of them in your yard. Fortunately, there are ways to attract them to your outdoor living space. One such way is following landscape design strategies meant to provide them with a safe habitat and abundant food and nesting options. Following are just three of the many ways that homeowners can attract songbirds to their yards. 

Minimize Your Lawn Space 

Not only do large expanses of lawn put songbirds in increased danger of being attacked by predators due to having nowhere to quickly take cover, but they also pose a potential danger to the overall health of the birds. Lawns require significant amounts of fertilizers and pesticides in order to remain lush and pest-free, and the chemical compounds in these products can harm wildlife, including birds. Pesticides are also designed to kill insects, which are a dietary staple of most bird species. The good news is that if you cultivate a bird-friendly landscape, your feathered friends will take care of the insect population.  While it's best to avoid the use of chemicals altogether if you're trying to establish safe habitat for birds, there are some chemicals that have been deemed safer than others. Ask your local landscape designer for recommendations. 

Incorporate Native Plants Into Your Landscape Design

One way to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is to incorporate native plants into your landscape design. Because these plants are already genetically adapted to your local soils, climate, and other growing conditions, they don't require fortification from chemical fertilizers, and they also thrive without pesticides because they've developed a resistance to local pests. As an added bonus, native plants tend to produce the type of seeds, nuts, and fruits that native bird species eat. Be sure to plant a diverse array of shrubs, trees, and flowers to ensure a variety of habitat and foods.

Install a Birdbath 

A well-designed birdbath provides aesthetic value to your outdoor living space and provides birds with a source of bathing and drinking water. Be sure to keep the water fresh and clean—stagnant, dirty water isn't good for birds, and it may attract mosquitos. You should also make certain that the birdbath is situated far enough off the ground so that it's out of reach of any roaming cats that happen to be in the vicinity.

For more advice on attracting songbirds to your yard, talk to a landscaping design in your area.


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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