Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Tips For Installing And Caring For New Sod

Jose Wheeler

Installing sod on your lawn is a quick way to a beautiful lawn. However, if you don't prepare for the installation or care for your new lawn carefully, the sod won't be healthy. Here are some installation and care tips for getting the best results with your sod installation.

Complete All Preparations Before The Sod Is Delivered

Talk to the sod installers about the procedure for preparing your lawn. When the sod is delivered, it should be placed on the soil right away so it can start getting water and nutrients. Preparing the soil includes cutting off the old grass, tilling the soil, and adding amendments that help the soil drain and that add nutrients.

Find out if you have a role in the preparation process so you can complete your part on schedule. Then the soil will be healthy and ready to support new sod as soon as the installation crew puts the grass on the soil.

Consider Installing Lawn Sprinklers

Grass needs regular watering throughout the growing season, and the right amount of water is important when sod is installed. The grass should be watered deeply so the roots burrow into the soil and support healthy growth.

Automatic lawn sprinklers make watering your lawn much easier. These need to be installed before the sod is delivered since they're placed under the ground and you don't want to dig trenches in the new grass later.

Prepare Your Yard For New Grass

Grass needs sun to thrive too, so you may need to trim back trees before you have sod installed. You might want to talk to a tree care company about thinning your trees if your property is enveloped in shade. Thinning removes some branches so more sun can reach the ground and nurture young grass, and it isn't harmful to the trees.

Learn How To Care For The Grass

Once the sod installation is complete, you'll be responsible for keeping the grass alive. Talk with the sod company about the care you need to provide. You'll be given instructions for watering depth and frequency as well as instructions for mowing and fertilizing so your sod grows into lush, healthy grass that beautifies your property.

Once the grass is established, you'll fall into a lawn care routine or you can even hire a lawn care service to mow your grass regularly and apply herbicide when needed. Getting your grass off to a healthy start and keeping it healthy is one of the most important things you can do to crowd out ugly weeds and maintain an attractive lawn.

For more information, contact a local sod installation service.


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