Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Essential Supplies For The Home Gardener

Jose Wheeler

Gardening can be a soothing hobby. Even if you have professional landscapers start your yard, you'll want to provide some maintenance on your own. Well, you'll want to have some essential supplies on hand for these tasks. Keep reading to discover which supplies will help you with your new hobby.


Even if you have landscapers put your plants in, a spade is a useful item. Most spades are durable enough to slice through small roots, such as for weeds or seedlings. You'll want a spade for re-planting and transplanting. They're also good for container gardening. Look for one with a comfortable, ergonomic handle.


A pruner is a set of outdoor shears for plants. They feature blades strong enough to cut through the hard branches of trees and shrubs. Shrubs and small trees will grow unwieldy if you don't prune them regularly. What's more, pruning also helps promote new growth on your trees and shrubs.


Even when your trees and shrubs don't grow unwieldy, they're going to produce debris, mostly dead leaves and seed heads. You'll need a rake to pull this debris into a pile. You'll also want to rake moss and thatch from your lawn's surface to maintain the health of the grass. Look for a rake with a sturdy handle and with a head large enough to cover wide surfaces.


Another essential garden maintenance item is a hoe, which is like a rake with a flat head. While you can use a rake for many of the same tasks as a hoe, the latter is especially useful for removing weeds. As soon as you see them starting to grow, you can use the flat head of the hoe to whack them away. You can choose a hoe that best fits into the tight spaces of your garden.


Plants need water — that's obvious. The method of getting them that water is an important matter because it will affect you daily. A watering can is good for planters and window boxes. However, for larger jobs, you'll want a hose. Look into different sprinkler heads for your hose depending on your landscaping, Likewise, consider a hose reel to keep the hose tidy and safe.


Unless you're having the landscapers in every week to tidy your yard, a wheelbarrow is going to be a useful tool. You can transport all your landscaping supplies in minimal trips with a wheelbarrow. You'll want to choose one that's big enough to carry the supplies necessary for your garden without being too big to manage easily.

Keep your garden beautiful with the right landscaping supplies.


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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