Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Three Benefits Of Stone Patios

Jose Wheeler

Stone patios are a distinctive type of hardscaping installation that can be integrated into your yard's landscaping design. Due to the unique material qualities that come with natural stone as a building material, stone patios provide a number of advantages when compared to decking and other types of hardscaping in your yard. Understanding just what those advantages are can help you figure out if you should install a stone patio in your yard.

Low Maintenance

One of the major advantages associated with building a patio out of natural stone is the fact that the building material is actually quite low maintenance. The stone is naturally stain resistant, unlike concrete and wood, which means that it can stand up to spilled foods, chemicals and natural debris and other substances without becoming aesthetically marred. Furthermore, the general durability associated with natural stone makes it very good at standing up to general wear and tear and the elements without becoming worn down or visibly stressed. This means that you won't have to worry about staining and refinishing your patio's surface, as is the case with wooden decks, or applying a protective coat of sealant, as you would have to do with concrete.


Another major advantage associated with stone patios as a hardscaping installation is the wide range of aesthetic customization options that you have available. Natural stone comes in a wide variety of different sizes, from natural stone pavers to large slabs, allowing you to alter the spacing of your patio's stones and create specific patterns to create a truly unique appearance if you so wish. Further, there is a wide range of naturally occurring colors available with natural stones, from the more common neutrals to colorful reds, greens, and blues which can add an attractive accent to your and provides a massive range of design options to your landscaping design.


Finally, natural stone also has a textured surface, which can help you grip it while you are in your bare feet or if the surface is wet. This makes natural stone the ideal choice for installation as the patio around or next to your pool, as it will greatly reduce the risk of slipping and falling – a major concern for small children. It can also help reduce the risk of accidental injuries even if not used around the pool since wooden decks can get quite slippery in the rain as well.  


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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