Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Ways A Land Clearing Service Can Clear Brush And Trees From Your Lot

Jose Wheeler

If you own land that is not usable because it is overgrown with brush and trees, it may seem like an impossible task for you to clear it out. You may want the land to build a home, plant crops, or just to improve your view. A quick and easy solution to the problem of a lot that has grown out of control is to hire a land clearing service to get rid of the excess growth. Here are some things they may do to get your lot in shape.

Bulldoze Large Trees

The trees on the property will probably be taken down with large machinery rather than cut down with chainsaws. Using saws is time-consuming and dangerous. Big trees can often be bulldozed down and then moved around with the bulldozer or crane. This brings up a couple of issues to deal with. The tree needs to be disposed of in some way. If you have several trees and they are cut up and hauled away, the disposal fees could be substantial. A better option is to grind the trees on the spot and turn them into mulch which can be worked back into the soil. The other issue with bulldozing trees is that the process pulls up a lot of good soil with the roots. If you plan to use the land for gardening or farming, you may need to have the topsoil restored if you have several trees removed that way.

Mow And Mulch Brush

A land clearing service has machinery that can clear a lot in much the same way you use a lawnmower. The machines are big enough to mow down small trees and cut through thick brush, vines, and other heavy growth. The advantage to clearing land with one of these forestry mowers is that the lot is cut and the vegetation is turned to mulch to enrich the soil. There is no pile of vegetation to haul off. Burning the lot is probably against local codes and even if it's not, burning is not the ideal way to get rid of waste vegetation. Turning it into mulch is healthier for your lot and the environment.

The goal of a land clearing service is to leave your lot free of debris rather than leaving behind piles of trees and tangled shrubs and vines. They also remove tree stumps by pulling them out or grinding them deep into the ground so they won't pose problems in the future. They may even level the lot to even out the holes and ruts made during the clearing process so you are left with a lot ready for building or planting.

Hiring a company with heavy machinery to clear your land is a much better option than trying to do it yourself. Clearing even a small lot could take you weeks or months, or even longer if there are several big trees to deal with. When you have the right equipment available, such as huge forestry mowers, tackling an overgrown lot is a much easier task.


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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