Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

3 Tips For Using River Rock In Your Landscape Design

Jose Wheeler

River rock is a great addition to any landscape design. It generally comes in a variety of colors, ranging from grays to tans to even lavender tones. It can add a lot of beauty and personality to your garden. If you want to use river rocks in your next landscaping design, here are three tips that will help you out.

#1 Add Plants First

As you make your landscaping design, the river rocks are really one of the last steps that you should take. First you should determine what plants you want to incorporate into your design. Then, you should map out where you want the plants to go. Next, you should actually plant the vegetation that you want in your landscape design.

Make sure that you dig deep holes for any bushes so that the plants can establish deep roots. If you want flowers in your design, try to stick to perennials so you don't have to re-dig and move your rocks every year in order to add more color to your landscape.

#2 Put Down Landscaping Fabric

Anywhere where you want to put down river rocks you should first lay down landscaping fabric. Landscaping fabric is a great way to prevent weeds from growing up around your river rocks and causing you more work over time. Landscaping fabric will also help hold your rocks in place and establish exactly where you want the river rocks to go.

Be sure to work the landscaping fabric around the plants that make up your landscape design. You can cut opens for the plants or trim the fabric around the plant. Be sure to leave room for the plant's trunk to breath and for water and sunlight to get to the plants base.

#3 Add River Rock

Carefully pour the river rock onto the landscaping fabric and around your plants. For a great look, you are going to want to make sure that river rocks are a couple of inches deep. This will help ensure that the rocks stay in place over time. You may also want to put pavers around the edge of your rocks to help keep everything in place as well.

You can use traditional stone pavers to keep the river rocks in place, or you can use more creative pavers to make a boarder around the river rock, such as bigger river rocks or railroad ties. The key is to make sure that the river rocks will not get moved around by natural forces and will continue to persist as part of your landscape design. 

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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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