Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Placement Issues For Semi-Permanent Outdoor Features

Jose Wheeler

Creating an outdoor living space -- not just a patio, but a space where your family can spend time outdoors but live as if they were indoors -- takes planning if you want a space that will remain useful for years to come. From furniture fabrics to outdoor kitchen features, outdoor living isn't something you spend only a few minutes thinking about. One particular issue is the placement of semipermanent and permanent features. You want them to be usable and comfortable (or enjoyable, in the case of ornamental features), but you don't want them to eventually be or cause a nuisance.

Water Feature and Windchime Sounds as Neighborhood Nuisances

Start with two features that, if placed poorly, can end up annoying your neighbors instead of helping you relax. Windchimes and water features produce sounds that, when foisted on someone a house or two away -- in other words, someone who didn't ask for those sounds to appear on their relaxing day off -- can be very distressing. Try to place these items so that they are mostly surrounded by shrubs, trees, and lawn. These will help dampen the sounds and reduce the amount of noise that can travel to a neighboring property. If you place them so that the sounds can reflect off hard surfaces like a concrete patio or house wall, you'll only help the sounds travel farther.

Windbreaks and Shade vs. Air Circulation

Wherever you sit in the outdoor living space needs to offer protection from strong wind and harsh sun. However, you also need to ensure air circulation so that you don't create a humid microclimate that you and your family end up avoiding. Observe the area where you want to place your furniture and see how shadows fall across the area throughout the day. Try to place items where shade hits in the afternoon, but don't place them right up against trees or a wall. Leave several feet of open space so that air can circulate freely.

Mobility Accessibility and Obstacles

When installing permanent features or semipermanent ones that are too heavy to move that often, ensure that you leave level pathways that are wide and unblocked. If you ever have a guest over who is mobility-impaired, or if someone in your family ends up hurt and needs space and level ground, your outdoor living space will be able to accommodate them.

You can design the area yourself or work with a professional, but either way, take your time. This needs to be a long-lasting area that you won't feel the need to adjust frequently. Contact a company like Outdoor Living FX to learn more.


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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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