Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

Three Landscaping Tips For New Homeowners

Jose Wheeler

The condition and appearance of your yard will be an important factor for keeping your home aesthetically attractive. However, homeowners often find themselves poorly prepared to properly care for their landscaping, and this can lead to some fairly disruptive or damaging problems. In order to keep your yard safe from routine sources of problems, there are a few basic tips you should employ.

Create A Weed Control Plan

Regardless of where your home is located, there are weeds that you will need to keep from growing in your yard. While you might not think weeds can cause serious problems, they will be in direct competition with your grass, flowers, and other plants. This can result in your plants not getting enough nutrients, which can lead to blemishes on your landscaping.

For homeowners with pets or small children, using herbicides may not be a desirable option due to the health risks that these substances can pose. In order to combat weeds without using harsh chemicals, you will need to employ weed netting and mulch as these materials will inhibit the ability of weeds to germinate.

Have Soil Drainage And Erosion Testing Done Frequently

Over the time that you live in your home, the condition of the soil around the house will likely change. This can be due to changing levels of nutrients and erosion along with reduced drainage. These problems can develop for any number of reasons, but you will have the advantage that these issues develop slowly. By having the soil on your property tested every year, you should find that you are able to take corrective steps before any soil problems with your yard become too severe.

Use Leaves And Clippings As Fertilizer

Homeowners often assume that they should always rake any leaves or grass clippings that are on their lawns. While this can be important for helping to keep the yard tidy, it can have rather profound consequences for the health of your plants. Raking these materials will prevent them from being able to return nutrients to the soil as they decompose. As a result, you may find that it will gradually become more difficult for you to grow healthy plants on your property. For homeowners that do not like the appearance of leaves and clippings in their yards, they can expedite the decomposition process by lightly wetting these clippings. This will foster the growth of bacteria, and you may find that these leaves and clippings have completely broken down within a few days. 

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Technology Makes Landscaping Easier Than Ever

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